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Health Care by FoodTM Initiative

Food is medicine is the prescription of healthy food in the health care setting to treat, manage and prevent chronic disease.

The American Heart Association’s Health Care by Food initiative is building the evidence needed to show clinical and cost effectiveness so patients with chronic disease or with risk factors for disease can access effective food is medicine programs as a covered benefit through public and private health insurance.

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Foundational Support

With anchor support from The Rockefeller Foundation and contributions from inaugural collaborator Kroger, and with additional support from Instacart, Kaiser Permanente and Walmart Foundation, the Association’s  Health Care by Food™ initiative is engaging in scientific research and public policy advocacy to promote the adoption of interventions that reduce chronic health conditions and curb health care costs. The initiative was first announced at the September 2022 White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health by the American Heart Association and The Rockefeller Foundation.

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Foundational Research

The initiative’s research efforts launched in January 2024, with funds awarded to foundational research projects across the country led by experts in the food and nutrition, behavioral science, epidemiology and cardiovascular research fields. 

These research projects focus on feasibility and implementation science to increase enrollment and engagement in food is medicine interventions and test ways to accomplish significant short-term changes in healthy eating behavior.

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